Stills & Details about the short film Emmaline, directed by Tony Luciano.

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A Life in a Day

While on the search for freedom from the cycles of her life, Emmaline battles her depression and anxiety attacks with drugs and alcohol in New York City.

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Tony wrote the screenplay surrounding & detailing his personal battle with depression and anxiety during a specific time in his life.

He spoke with multiple individuals, fellow filmmakers, and actors who also suffer or have suffered from depression & anxiety.

Tony used this information during his writing, filmmaking, and editing process to provide a more holistic view on these sensitive topics. 

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WINNER of Achievement in Directing at RCNJ Media Collision 2018

 "An uncompromising aesthetic that perfectly matched the subject matter, strong visual storytelling, and an unflinching performance from the lead all contributed to a harrowing film that we wanted to look away from, but couldn't, thanks to this director's strong vision and steady hand. This film was nothing less than a tour-de-force." - The Independent Jury of RCNJ Media Collision 2018

Stills & Details about the short film Garbage Boy, directed by Tony Luciano.


After being bullied, Jake develops a phobia of garbage cans and can't throw things out. With the help of his friend Dan, Jake tries to overcome his fear.



The concept is absurdly comedic, but Jake's journey represents our personal perspective about whatever our inner demons may be.

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Tony is currently an Intern with Atlantic Pictures in New York City & the Social Media Intern at the Rockland Conservatory of Music for Fall/Winter 2018.


Upon completion of his internships, Tony will be completing his Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts & Digital Filmmaking in January 2019. 

Tony’s short film Emmaline is in the process of being submitted to various film festivals around the world.

Contact info can be found on Tony’s resume in the navigation tab.